Afghans Edmonds Cook Book


The book I learned to cook from.

1971 Edmonds Cookery Book (New Zealand)  Challenge.
The aim is to cook a recipe every week from the cakes and biscuits section of the book. Time permitting of course. Please see my introductory video.

Why do a challenge like this?

Nostalgia, good basic skills are taught. Great food that needs to be shared. Just plain old fun.

This is the book that I learned to cook from was a 1971 cook book, and I think every kiwi learned from the Edmonds, it still is my go-to baking book, sadly when I emigrated, I left behind my collection of Edmonds, there was only so much that I could bring with me.

We used to have a baking day where we baked for the week, do you still do that?

The one I am working from is one that I found in a second book shop. I always scour for old cook books, Just something that I collect.

I would love to hear from any Kiwis out there with your stories about the Edmonds cookbook, what is your favourite recipe? Who did you cook for? What year did you learn to cook from? How many Edmonds cookbooks do you own?

Some history

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Happy baking!


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The ingredients, pretty simple huh?


Cream the butter and sugar


Add the sifted flour and cocoa


All creamed up, at the tasting stage


With the corn flakes added through. Nom Nom


Flatten a tad with a spoon


Just iced, getting really hungry now


Just look at that texture


Use Edmonds every time, and they are sure to rise.