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Macro photography on a budget

Macro photography on a budget   Macro photography opens a whole new exciting world for me. Every bug in my back yard is a potential model; I don’t see them as a pest anymore. To view more photos, please see our website Helmreich Photography. These photo are also available for purchase The equipment need not be expensive, but you do need some knowledge. First, you need to understand the three elements of photography. Aperture, shutter speed., and ISO sensitivity. These

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Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate truffles Let’s set the record straight. This recipe is not healthy, not paleo, not raw, but what it is, is fast and easy to make and just plain ole lip smacking delectable. The are best served warmed, so remove from the fridge about and a half to an hour before serving. I have adapted the recipe for use in a thermal mixer (Thermomix /Mycook) as well as conventional methods. The recipe is from the New Zealand Edmonds cookbook, slightly

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Chicken Broth the Mycook Premium Way

Chicken Broth the Mycook Premium Way   Chicken stock is a staple in the kitchen. It is easy to make. My favorite way to make stock is way my mum made and my grandmother and every generation before, and it is how I was taught. And that is on a wood stove, Big stock pot, some chicken and a few simple flavorings, a big lump of hardwood, shut the fire down and let just simmer away for a few hours

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Lolly Cake (no bake)

Lolly Cake Rainbows and sparkles, a cake fit for any unicorn party. It is bright, fun and full of the promise of a festive time. A kiwi tradition. When I was growing up, my mother never made it. The only time that I ever had it was been when I went to birthday parties or functions and my eyes would pop at this amazing coloured cake. It always held a special wonder about it. It always seemed that everyone else

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