Belgian Biscuits

Belgian Biscuits 1971 edmonds cookbook

Belgian biscuits. One of my all favourite’s from the Edmonds cookbook, and I must confess that I am even a bit partial to the raw dough, there is something about the spicy taste.

I remember as a child growing up in rural New Zealand and going to a function, there would always be Belgian biscuits on the table, I was so fascinated by the hundreds and thousands on them. My mum would never buy them, I do not remember why not. Maybe she thought they were too expensive for something that could only be used on cakes. We always used jelly crystals, because we always had a packet of that in the cupboard.

The recipe says to decorate with a piece of angelica or cherry. You can use whatever takes your fancy. You must remember this is a 1971 recipe. 44 years old already. They used different things back in those days.

They are not overly sweet, and you can use brown sugar or coconut sugar. I used my own mixed spice that I made the other day, simply because I prefer the taste.

They are an easy biscuit to make, and they freeze well. I had to make them twice for the blog because I noticed my metal cutter is not a round shape any more, and I rolled them a tad thick. So I whipped up two batches.

The first batch had a real rustic look to them thanks to the out of shape cutter. You could use any shape cutter. They are good keepers if they last that long.

And you can ice them in any colour you like as well.

If the eggs are small that you are using, use two.

If the mixture is not forming into a ball to knead, add a drop or milk or water.

Black current jam or strawberry jam goes very nice with them or any dark berry jam. I used blackcurrant because that is all that I had. And the tartness of the jam offsets the sweetness of the biscuit nicely.

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Belgian Biscuits ~ 1971 Edmonds Cookbook~ 1971

Belgian Biscuits ~ 1971 Edmonds Cookbook

Basic ingredients

Belgian Biscuits ~ 1971 Edmonds CookbookBelgian Biscuits ~ 1971 Edmonds CookbookMaking the icing

Making the icing

Belgian Biscuits ~ 1971 Edmonds Cookbook