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Macro photography on a budget

Macro photography on a budget   Macro photography opens a whole new exciting world for me. Every bug in my back yard is a potential model; I don’t see them as a pest anymore. To view more photos, please see our website Helmreich Photography. These photo are also available for purchase The equipment need not be expensive, but you do need some knowledge. First, you need to understand the three elements of photography. Aperture, shutter speed., and ISO sensitivity. These

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Surf to Summit Car Rally 2014

The Surf to Summit Please click on photos to view at full resolution, all photos by me, unless stated. Some are taken by my husband, which I have stated. Surf to Summit Car Rally 2014   Classic car feast. Fast and furious Cooma Every two years the Cooma Car club hold their annual Surf to Summit classic car rally. It is a two-day event with everyone meeting at registration on the Friday night before the rally. The rally is for

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A snapshot of my friends in the garden

A snapshot of my friends in the garden Bees, beetles,birds, bugs, and insects. Our friends in the garden. The things that help our food grow. 6 years ago when we built, we had nothing but red dirt, no plants, no trees, no grass, no anything. Our place was desolate land. So the first thing we did was set too and plant trees, as many as we could and 6 years later we are still planting trees. Why? Because they bring

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Rutherfords picnic area

Yesterday I wrote about being sick. Well today I felt better than yesterday. Maybe my time in the garden helped. See yesterdays blog: A spring morning. Today I just had to go for a walk and I needed to get out-of-town. We headed up the Brown Mountian to Pipers lookout. Across the road from there, there is a road the takes you to Rutherfords picnic area. You can either walk or drive. We walked. So cameras in hand off we

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A spring morning

Close up photography, is one of my favorite ways to photograph things. For the past 21 days I have been very sick with flu, my energy levels are shot to pieces, and I have not been doing much cooking, (lots of juicing though), so no food to photograph. It  was such a nice morning that I thought I would go outside and lay in the grass to soak up some sun and pick my energy up a bit. So here

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