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Macro photography on a budget

Macro photography on a budget   Macro photography opens a whole new exciting world for me. Every bug in my back yard is a potential model; I don’t see them as a pest anymore. To view more photos, please see our website Helmreich Photography. These photo are also available for purchase The equipment need not be expensive, but you do need some knowledge. First, you need to understand the three elements of photography. Aperture, shutter speed., and ISO sensitivity. These

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Cheese making at Stroudover cottage

Cheese making at Stroudover cottage.   It all started many years ago when I was a kid and dad used to take the weaners (pigs) and sheep to markets to sell in the Temuka stock sales. Dad always put his best work pants and woollen jacket and cap for the stock sales. He had to dress up then as one does. It was always a fabulous day out. We would always have lunch in the cafeteria at the sales, roasts

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Butter Shock

Butter Shock Today I was making butter like I always do before I make bread. When I first started making butter, I always used a commonly available cream. It was and is what is available from most major food retailers. And it was also the easiest for the Mycook Premium and Thermomix to processes. See my recipe. And yes I own a Thermomix, I traded up to a Mycook Premium. Anyway a few months ago I switched from using dairy

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A snapshot of my friends in the garden

A snapshot of my friends in the garden Bees, beetles,birds, bugs, and insects. Our friends in the garden. The things that help our food grow. 6 years ago when we built, we had nothing but red dirt, no plants, no trees, no grass, no anything. Our place was desolate land. So the first thing we did was set too and plant trees, as many as we could and 6 years later we are still planting trees. Why? Because they bring

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