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I want Chocolate.

Dark Chocolate I want chocolate, why? Well it is a forbidden food in my house, makes me fat, tastes down right yummy! calms the nerves, tantalises the taste buds, tickles the tonsils, and the only type I have in the house right now is dark cooking chocolate, but hey chocolate is chocolate and when you just have to have it, any chocolate will do. But what has put me in this dire need of chocolate? well, I am on my 3rd

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Rutherfords picnic area

Yesterday I wrote about being sick. Well today I felt better than yesterday. Maybe my time in the garden helped. See yesterdays blog: A spring morning. Today I just had to go for a walk and I needed to get out-of-town. We headed up the Brown Mountian to Pipers lookout. Across the road from there, there is a road the takes you to Rutherfords picnic area. You can either walk or drive. We walked. So cameras in hand off we

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A spring morning

Close up photography, is one of my favorite ways to photograph things. For the past 21 days I have been very sick with flu, my energy levels are shot to pieces, and I have not been doing much cooking, (lots of juicing though), so no food to photograph. It  was such a nice morning that I thought I would go outside and lay in the grass to soak up some sun and pick my energy up a bit. So here

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