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Belgian Biscuits

Belgian biscuits. One of my all favourite’s from the Edmonds cookbook, and I must confess that I am even a bit partial to the raw dough, there is something about the spicy taste. I remember as a child growing up in rural New Zealand and going to a function, there would always be Belgian biscuits on the table, I was so fascinated by the hundreds and thousands on them. My mum would never buy them, I do not remember why

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Mixed Spice Recipe

Mixed Spice Recipe Mixed spice. When I make these things, many people say why bother? Why don’t you just buy it. Not worth the hassle. Well for them it may not be worth the hassle, but for me, I have lots of reasons for making it. And one of them is that I enjoy it. I just love the smell as everything starts to combine down; I love the freshness of it. I open a jar of off the shelf

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Basic Biscuits

Basic Biscuits. The humble biscuit, the thing you dunk into a cuppa. Now I must admit I stuffed up this week. I had in my head that the 1971 Edmonds cookbook had this recipe in it. But it does not. Why I picked up my 1992 copy, I will never know. A habit I think. I have been picking it up for years. And this version of the Edmonds never ever gets put away. And since I had gone to

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Soft Crust White Bread

Soft Crust White Bread Just a very short blog today, a recipe that I made for my sick husband. He asked for just some plain white bread, and we have not had any bread for about 5 days now, and it was a pleasure to make. With the wood stove running it was easy to bake and adds a certain flavor that does not come from electric or gas. And the place smells divine. If you like what you see

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Banana Cake ~ 1971 Edmonds cookbook

Week 5, the next recipe installment of trying to make and photograph a recipe from my 1971 Edmonds cookbook. I am finding it a struggle to keep up with the challenge of doing one every week. But when I do it is worth the wait. We are now up to the Bs; I have noticed that the cooked do vary from year to as recipes they have in them. I have four, and have compared how different each section is.

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