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Dairy Free Chocolate Ice Cream

Dairy Free Chocolate Ice Cream When I was growing up, bananas were an exotic food. Mum would buy them once a month. Our groceries used to be delivered. And that was to the country back then. How times change. Anyhow moving on, when our groceries arrived they were packed into boxes which was quite often banana boxes. The bananas we got  were Chiquita brand from Ecuador. I used to love the smell of them, I still do. Ripe bananas have

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I want Chocolate.

Dark Chocolate I want chocolate, why? Well it is a forbidden food in my house, makes me fat, tastes down right yummy! calms the nerves, tantalises the taste buds, tickles the tonsils, and the only type I have in the house right now is dark cooking chocolate, but hey chocolate is chocolate and when you just have to have it, any chocolate will do. But what has put me in this dire need of chocolate? well, I am on my 3rd

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