Chicken Broth the Mycook Premium Way

Chicken Bone brothChicken Broth the Mycook Premium Way


Chicken stock is a staple in the kitchen. It is easy to make.

My favorite way to make stock is way my mum made and my grandmother and every generation before, and it is how I was taught. And that is on a wood stove, Big stock pot, some chicken and a few simple flavorings, a big lump of hardwood, shut the fire down and let just simmer away for a few hours at the back of the hot plate.

And or course growing up a self-sufficient farm with 100 odd free range-wild chooks (hens/chickens) our meat was fresh and an exceptional quality.

I never liked chook killing day. Just before dinner dad would go and break the necks of six chooks and then bring up to the fence just outside the kitchen and hang them upside down by their legs waiting for when he could bring them inside after dinner to do the plucking and gutting.

Now our dining table was in the kitchen, and it used to look out at that fence. So we would sit there eating dinner watching these dead chooks still flap and carry on. It’s moving because the nerves are giving out their “last breath” you could say. I always found it unsettling when trying to eat dinner.

Then after dinner and we were in bed he would bring them inside and do the plucking and gutting and cleaning of them. Everything was washed down and of course, the kitchen always had boiling water needed for the process at hand.

When you got up in the morning, there was no trace of it ever had happened apart from an odd feather and the smell. The smell of the guts ( innards) lingered, boy did it linger. I could never eat breakfast either with that smell.

So that is how we always got out chicken meat.

I have a wood-stove and cook on it in winter, just like my parents did, but in summer here in Australia it is most of the time too hot to use it. So you look for other methods of cooking. The Mycook (thermal mixer ) makes chicken a breeze in summer for, and it is a beautifully clear, and a slightly amber colour as a good chicken stock should be.

You need to blanch your bones before going on to making your stock. Blanching helps to remove the purge impurities from the bones. It helps to give you a clear stock.

Here is a good link explaining more on the blanching process.

The recipe for the chicken stock and blanching are in the cookbook that comes with the Mycook premium.

When I was getting ready to do the video, I realised that I did not have any onion. Which is in the recipe. I just carried on without. Still tastes great.
With the chicken stock it says to use speed one, I found that speed two was better.

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Chicken Broth Recipe Downloadable PDF

Chicken Broth recipe


chicken broth the mycook premium way Chicken Broth