Dairy Free Chocolate Ice Cream

Dairy Free Chocolate Ice CreamDairy Free Chocolate Ice Cream

When I was growing up, bananas were an exotic food. Mum would buy them once a month. Our groceries used to be delivered. And that was to the country back then. How times change.
Anyhow moving on, when our groceries arrived they were packed into boxes which was quite often banana boxes. The bananas we got  were Chiquita brand from Ecuador. I used to love the smell of them, I still do. Ripe bananas have such a sweet smell to me.
My mother used to have to hide them from me because I would eat them or in her words; guts them. That was an over exaggeration on her part in my opinion, just because I could not stop eating them did not mean I guts them. Parents.

And her hiding spots were not the best, I could smell them a mile off, did not matter where she would hide them, I would find them. Looking back, maybe that’s why she only bought them once a month. Maybe I was a guts.
They must have been full of sprays for them to get into New Zealand. To pass quarantine they would have had to have been sprayed heavily. Wonder how much we ingested?.

I often wondered what Ecuador was like, dad always told that’s where big spiders lived and monkeys and that black men picked our bananas. Well tonight I did a bit of a Google on banana plantations in Ecuador and what is the first thing that pops up is child slave labor and human rights issues. Oh yay, not. Somehow I think that would have always been the case, I wonder what my father would have thought if he had known the truth. Would we still of eaten them?. Who knows. I knew they were expensive for us. So between the cost and my eating habits, they were a treat.


I guess that is one of the things that I like about living in Australia is that they are grown here. And are cheap. I think they are a cheap food, $3-4.00 a kilo, that is cheap, and if you buy the over ripe ones or the singles, they are usually cheaper, and you get a couple of days of them in the fruit bowl. Then into the freezer for delicious banana ice cream, heaven-sent.

So what do you do with the over ripe bananas that are not eaten? they always pose a question about what to do with them. Easy, freeze them.

They are so handy to have in the freezer. Especially when you want an ice cream, you know the moment, its hot and you just need to chill.
Just grab the frozen bananas, some raw cacao powder, chuck into the jug of the Mycook and blitz for a minute, it is ridiculously easy. Add just a tad of water just to stop it from sticking to the bottom and make the emulsion better.

This ice cream could not be easier and is a good base to build other flavor’s on. Not added fats, unless you choose to add stuff. No additives or preservatives, no funny numbers or flavorings.



Raw cacao is made by cold-pressing unroasted cocoa beans. The process keeps the living enzymes in the cocoa and removes the fat (cacao butter).Cocoa looks the same, but it’s not. Cocoa powder is raw cacao that’s been roasted at high temperatures. Sadly, roasting changes the molecular structure of the cocoa bean, reducing the enzyme content and lowering the overall nutritional value.

Raw vs. Roasted

The cacao bean is the food that all of the scientific studies on chocolate are actually referring to, not its sugary refined byproduct. Although major leading chocolate companies make strong mention of their products’ high antioxidant content, the cacao bean has an exceptionally significantly greater antioxidant capacity. The manufacturing of chocolate generally consists of heating the cacao beans at approximately 250 degrees, a process that destroys the world’s most powerful food known for centuries as “the food of the God’s.”

This recipe works best in a thermal cooker. Some screw type juicers will also process frozen bananas. Check your manual.

Simplicity at is best. Give it a whirl. I am sure you will agree, otherwise tell me so.

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Recipe: Printable and downloadable PDF

Dairy Free Chocolate Ice Cream

The ingredients, simple and easy

Recipe: Printable and downloadable PDF

Dairy Free Chocolate Ice Cream

All the ingredients in the jug

Dairy Free Chocolate Ice Cream

All whipped up in 1 minute, super fast and easy

Dairy Free Chocolate Ice Cream


Dairy Free Chocolate Ice Cream

Ready to eat.

Banana chocolate icecream