Cinnamon Vanilla Dairy Free Ice-Cream

 Cinnamon Vanilla Dairy Free Ice-Cream

Cinnamon Vanilla Dairy Free Ice-Cream

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream! Rah! Rah! Rah!

I used to scream for it, even used own an ice cream maker, but the problem was that was it was just too dangerous, I was eating it every night. Now the problem with this was, one; I was getting fatter and it was just not good for my health, I indulged too much. I am not ashamed to say it, because I did. So I sold my ice cream maker, then I had to find a substitute, Google to the rescue.

What I was looking for was free of added sugar and dairy free ice cream. Bananas, frozen bananas were the answer. They were the base for everything from smoothies to ice cream.

So I got ripe bananas and put them into the freezer, it was how I learned that I needed to peel them 1st. Frozen bananas with the skin on are not easy to peel.

Frozen bananas are easy to chop when frozen, so cut them into small pieces before processing them.
When I shop at the markets and they have marked down bananas I always get them and keep stock in the freezer for either ice cream or cakes.

Anyway, from that I just added whatever I felt would work. I own a thermomix or a mycook premium and I use that to make my ice cream, but not everyone owns one, so use either your blender or food processor scraping down the sides regularly.

If using a blender or food processor, let frozen bananas thaw for 5 minutes, this will aid in the whipping.

The milk is to add a bit more creaminess and just keep things moving a bit more. If you want a soft serve texture, process until it reaches the desired consistency.
So when you are looking for an indulgent and comfort food that is ice cream, but when you can not eat dairy, you just can not go past this. It is fast and easy and plain old lip smacking enjoyable.

Please click on the PDF for the recipe
Cinnamon Vanilla Ice-cream recipe PDF


The recipe


Cinnamon Vanilla Ice-cream ingredients

Cinnamon Vanilla Ice-cream ingredients


Mill the cinnamon and vanilla bean together

The milled ingredients

What the cinnamon and vanilla looks like after it has been milled


Now add the rest of the ingredients to the milled vanilla and cinnamon

banana soft serve

At the soft serve stage

soft serve

The ready to eat soft serve


Just before the soft serve stage.