Fruit Bread

DSC_9130Fruit Bread

Mmmmm fruit loaf, who does not love a slice of fruit bread?
The wanting starts when I grind up spices to make my spice mix, the smell just wafts everywhere, there is just something about freshly ground spices, then grating the orange rind, juices are starting to flow. Then I make the bread, then comes the baking.
Now I cook on a wood stove, so our bread is wood fired bread. Now, this is a smell that no one can resist, it is the one of the baking of bread. About this time my husband seems to appear out of no where, and then the watching starts and then the questions “is it ready yet” or “it smells so good!”.

This is where he gets under my feet . As husbands and children and pets have a tendency to do.

The timer goes off, we open the door and you get hit by this waft of a hot spiced bread smell and it just sends your taste buds into over drive. Now here comes the hard part and I mean hard. With the bread you need to let it cool before you cut it.
If you want to live dangerously, just go ahead and slice the bread, wreck the crumb, test wife’s patience.

So we have waited, now to the best part of making bread is the eating, like I said before, I cook on a wood stove and the best way to toast fruit bread is directly on the platen of the wood stove (the cast iron top). And this is where the whole house is testing our patience with beautiful aromas.
Slather on the butter, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and chow down.

So enjoy, send me a photo if you make some or up load it to my facebook page. Love to see a photo, or just leave a comment.

Happy Baking and cutting!

See full recipe (and save and print it ) here


The ingredients

the ingredients

I just want to pick that fruit

The wet ingredients

The wet ingredients plus the yeast


All in the bowl, ready to knead

dough kneading

Coming together

bread dough

Getting there


Adding in the fruit and nuts

Ready to prove

Ready to prove





Ready for the oven, can't wait!