I want Chocolate.

Cooking chocolate
Dark Chocolate

I want chocolate, why?

Well it is a forbidden food in my house, makes me fat, tastes down right yummy! calms the nerves, tantalises the taste buds, tickles the tonsils, and the only type I have in the house right now is dark cooking chocolate, but hey chocolate is chocolate and when you just have to have it, any chocolate will do.

Dark cooking choclate

Alluring packet and images

But what has put me in this dire need of chocolate? well, I am on my 3rd write-up of what was going to be todays blog post. You know how some days things just do not go according to plan, well that is today. Hope tomorrow is better.

Sadly the chocolate I had looked like someone had tossed it around the supermarket, all chipped, not the best for photos, but my taste buds do not care about looks.

Block of choclate

All those squares just waiting for someone like me.

I think chocolate is an addictive substance, so many times I have said that I am giving it up, but it keeps pulling me in, teasing me with its dark golden packet, alluring shape.

I never used to like rich dark chocolate full of cocoa solids, It was so strong, but now I love it, I think it is the best chocolate.

Well I hope to have  another blog post tomorrow night if I can get the bugs ironed out. Maybe I might need some chocolate to help me through tomorrow.

So tell me, what is your favorite chocolate and why?

Happy chocolate eating!



70% cocoa solids.