Macadamia Lemon Shortbread

Macadamia Lemon short bread

Macadamia Lemon shortbread

Macadamia and Lemon shortbread recipe ingredients

Macadamia and Lemon shortbread recipe ingredients


Cornflour, plain baking flour, icing sugar, butter, macadamia nuts, lemon, all the the ingredients ready for you shortbread


The creaming of the butter and sugar


The creamed butter and sugar


The adding of the sifted flours


The knead, love that motion blur


More kneading


The rolling

trayed up

All rolled,cut and ready to go into the oven

Macadamia and Lemon shortbread recipe

The photo session


Time for the cook to sit back and enjoy

Macadamia Lemon shortbread

250 gram butter

1 cup icing sugar (Powdered sugar)

1 cup cornflour

2 cups of plain baking flour

1 small cup of chopped Macadamia nuts

The rind of 1 whole lemon, finely milled

1 tablespoon lemon juice.

Preheat oven to 150 degree celsius.

Cream butter and icing sugar until light and fluffy. Mix in lemon rind and juice. Sift cornflour and flour together. Mix into creamed mixture. Knead, then mix in the nuts.

Roll out on a lightly on a floured surface to about 1.5 cm thickness.

Cut into rounds or squares. Place on greased baking tray. Prick with a fork, bake for 30 minutes or until golden.