Mixed Spice Recipe

Mixed spiceMixed Spice Recipe

Mixed spice. When I make these things, many people say why bother? Why don’t you just buy it. Not worth the hassle.
Well for them it may not be worth the hassle, but for me, I have lots of reasons for making it. And one of them is that I enjoy it. I just love the smell as everything starts to combine down; I love the freshness of it.
I open a jar of off the shelf stuff, and it smells old to me, and I wonder what is in it, and some I do not like the taste of.

When you make your own, you can adjust the taste and add a little of this or that. Or more of what is already in there. You can grind it to a fine powder or not, I like mine a little coarse, and with lots of cinnamon.
Always store in the fridge after grinding to preserve the quality. Or if you have a vacuum sealer you could vacuum seal it down and only keep a little bit out.

And when you bake with it, the flavour is so much more alive, it tantalises the tongue. It leaves you wanting more.

You need a high-speed grinder like the Mycook, or a Thermomix, or the Kenwood compact grinder or a coffee grinder. And then grind to you get your desired grind.

Break the cinnamon sticks into pieces, to assist in the grinding.
So tell me, what are your favorite spices?



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Mixed spice
Mixed spice
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