Panboola Wetlands

Panboola Wetlands, Pambula, NSW    

On the 22 August we went out to measure up a joinery job  in Bega. It was near the end of the day and on a Friday we thought that we would take an early mark and have some time out. Ever since we moved to the region over 6 years ago we have wanted to got the Panboola wetlands and never quite got there. So we finally made an effort, and boy was it worth the wait.

It was a warm winters afternoon and the temperature was perfect for walking.

The Panboola wetlands are situated in Pambula,  is in Bullara Street, on the floodplain at the bottom of Pambula’s main street, on the far south coast of NSW, Australia, between Eden and Merimbula.NWS. And is free entry.

It is a great place for photography, whether it be landscape or bird photography or just a place to take some family photos.
It is on the old Pambula race course and is flat, which makes for easy walking or you could just cycle.
We walked, and it was a great day for me. I recently invested in a Fitbit to track my days steps and on the day we went there, I walked 24,368 steps that day.  So it is a great place if you just wish to clock up steps and get the recommend 10,000.

Pambula river

Pambula river. The colours were amazing the afternoon sun.

We saw a variety of water birds and little birds along the river, plus kangaroos, they are always fun to photograph.



Young kangaroos

Mother and joey kangaroo

Mother and joey

Male kangaroo

A big male kangaroo, who looked like he was poking his tongue out at us.



The walk up to  the race course is a concrete path with a lot of interesting things to see , like the tiled circles of different birds you are likely to meet on the way.



A tiled crimson Rosella in the footpath, one of the many types of birds that you will see done like this.

Panboola pano

That is my husband in the shot, just to give you an idea of the size.


I just loved the colours of the day, the time out and the beauty the place

It is a place that I highly recommend and I know we will be going back and spending more time there.

They have a web page and a facebook, check them out for more info.

Happy walking and photographing.