Pea and mushroom Risotto – made in the Mycook Premium

Pea and mushroom Risotto – made in the Mycook Premium


Risotto was always a dish that I heard about; I never had a taste of the risotto until I was 40 years old.

Everyone always said it was too hard to make. Unless you were a chef. So maybe making it in the Mycook Premium is not the traditional way of making it. But it sure is an easy way of making it.

This recipe is my take on risotto, adjust the flavours to you liking and taste set.
To me a recipe is only ever a guide. If you do not like something change it.

I always put my risotto into an insulated container at the end of cooking, as I find the rice takes up any excess liquid.
I use insulated containers a lot with cooking. They free up so much time and are great if you want to make a meal or dish early.

It is still not a dish that I make regularly, but this is a go to recipe when I am tired and don’t have a great deal of energy, just because it is so easy and a one pot meal.


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The ingredients, home made chicken stock