Potato Scones

Griddled Potato Scones

Time for something different.
Originally I was going to cook these on the cast iron plate on the campfire, but because It has been so windy here and not safe for an outside fire, I decided to cook them on the platen (cast iron plate) on the wood stove.

Cooking on the platen is one way of using the wood stove. It is most suited to dry cooking as in toasting, making crumpets or pancakes.

You can not cook anything with fat in it or on it or tip oil it . And always keep the stove running very low.

If you are unsure about cooking on it. DO not do it. I recommend that if you own and use a wood stove that you have a fire blanket mounted nearby.

I grew up in a country house cooking on a wood stove. It was a coal range. Designed to take coal as well as wood. I learned at a very early age to cook on a wood stove and how versatile they are. It had 1 very big oven box, and the top the had 3 big platens on the top. We used to toast on it, make griddle scones.

Using a wood stove takes practice and skill to use. Not only does it heat your home, they can be plumbed in to heat water as well.

I find the when food is cooked in one, it tastes so different to an electric or gas oven. The food has a different flavour, a more fuller flavour.
When I light mine in the morning it can heat a 3 liter kettle from cold to boiling in 18 Minutes.

This recipe can also be cooked on any cast iron plates on camp-fire or BBQ or the top of your wood stove instead of using a fry pan or skillet. They also can be cooked in the oven, or on a griddle.
They are best eaten fresh and hot with a bit of butter and/or jam. They could be cut to any size, but I like mine small to keep portion size balance.
When cooking them on a cast iron plate a slow steady low temperature is the best. I do always check the 1st one or two to test for readiness.


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Griddled Potato Scone recipe

Griddled Potato Scone Recipe


The top of my wood stove. The cast iron platen


The ingredients: Flour, cooked potato, butter, soy milk, salt, baking powder

The sieve on the Kenwood mixer


The sieved potatoes


Adding the butter into the potatoes


The mixing of the butter and potato


Adding in the dry ingredients

The dough

The dough

Using a small can as my dough cutter, just love the small portion size

Using a small can as my dough cutter, just love the small portion size

DSC_8660Potato scones




Starting to cook on the wood stove


Cooking the second side. 7 minutes each side


Almost ready!!


Ready and waiting for butter


Cooked and ready to eat