Rustic Cabbage Soup

Rustic Cabbage Soup

Soup, it is one of those foods that is always served in winter, it warms the core on a cold day, nothing beats it.

There are so many ways to have soup. When I grew up there was only way to have soup, veggie soup that my mother would always have simmering on the wood stove, full of whole grains and wonderful texture then my mum would go and ruin it all. She would then put it through a mouli to make it all the same creamy texture , then we would freeze it in big containers. There was always soup in the freezer. I am sure she did this as to hide what was in there some times. And that is the only type of soup I can ever remember my dear mother making.

It was not till I was growing up that I had other soup and to get it, I would have to make it myself, so I made tomato, pumpkin , vegetable , non moulied, cauliflower, lentil, potato, cabbage, bean, anything but that type of veggie soup, guess I just wanted to be a rebel.
The thing is she was a good cook and could have done other types, but she did not. Maybe it was a time thing, I don’t know.

So let’s fast forward to now.
This cabbage soup is a cheap and easy thing to make and the other night, I really did not have much in the fridge.
It is a light soup, sometimes I like to spice it up with chilli or pepper, depending on my mood.
I made a loaf of bread to go with it and a grating of parmesan cheese on top.
You can use canned beans or dry beans.

I used dried beans and soaked them, then I pressure cooked them for 5 minutes at full pressure, with quick release. I very rarely use canned beans or canned food, I find them to be over salty for my taste and it is cheaper to use dry beans and soak them yourself.

I used my stock. I save the water from when steaming or boiling vegetables, which I had done the night before for this soup. Again, I do not use ready made stock as it is to salty and has other stuff in it and it is such a waste to tip the water from your steamed vegetables down the sink.

You might want to add more salt than what is in the recipe, depends on your tastes.


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See full recipe (and save and print it ) here

The Recipe

Rustic Cabbage Soup

Dried navy beans

Dried navy beans on the soak, ready for cooking

The ingredients

The ingrediants


Browning the potatoes

Browning the onions and garlic with the potatoes

Browning the onions and garlic with the potatoes

Beans and stock added, and just bringing up to a simmer

Beans and stock added, and just bringing up to a simmer


Cabbage added


Almost ready

Bread, rustic

Some bread I made to go with it

parmesan cheese

And the parmesan cheese



The final dish

The final dish