Rutherfords picnic area


Yesterday I wrote about being sick. Well today I felt better than yesterday. Maybe my time in the garden helped. See yesterdays blog: A spring morning.

Today I just had to go for a walk and I needed to get out-of-town. We headed up the Brown Mountian to Pipers lookout. Across the road from there, there is a road the takes you to Rutherfords picnic area. You can either walk or drive. We walked.

So cameras in hand off we set. It was a wonderful warm afternoon and it felt so good to be out in the fresh air and have the sun shining down on our faces, broken by the majestic trees. Click on the photos to view full screen.


Majestic trees

Rutherford Creek

Beautiful walk in the dappled sunshine

Tall trees Rutherford Creek

Onward and upward, to infinity and beyond

We slowly walked down to the creek, stopping and looking and listening to all the different types of bird songs, and we were going click, click, it was a very trigger happy day. It was a day for soul food photography. Anyway, we finally get down to the picnic area to be greeted by this sign. Fortunately,we never encountered anything that was on the sign. But we still was aware and watching for the possibility of encountering any of those things.


Warning sign

We went and sat at the picnic table, had an apple and took goofy photos of ourselves.

Goofy selfie

Goofy selfie

Then on to the water front, where the leeches live.
The colours were a soft greyish green today, but yet some things were vibrant green and tantalising the soul. We sat for a while and listened to the sound of only the birds. Talking high in the tree tops.
The water clear as, showing all the reflections. The river bank and the river merged, as if there was no bank, no river. Just forest.
Please click on the photos to view full screen.

Rutherford creek

Where does it start? where does it end? where does it go?


A vision of green

The river

From the river to the sky, reaching where we only dare dream of going



The cool green of the soft ferns, just reaching out to you.

It was time to go, we had to walk back up the hill and I am still not over this flu virus, so I had to walk slowly, I wheezed a bit going up the hill back to the car and car park. But I felt as if I had re wired my head,my heart and soul. And was thankful for the fact that I had been given another day to view all this beauty.
And to see new growth reaching for that sun, just I like did today.

Baby fern

New life, reaching for the sun

Be thankful, for every day is a beautiful day.