Smoked Scotch Eggs- a fencers favorite

Edmonds cookbook

Scotch Eggs, a workings man food

Scotch eggs are a favorite of mine since childhood. My dad also loved them, they were a favorite in his lunches when he was out working on the fence lines. He was contract fencer, among other things. He had a beautiful cane basket that had his thermos of sweet black tea, a Tupperware salt and pepper shakers. TupperwareThose small ones with the flip lid. And his big enamel mug and my small enamel mug. And our lunches. I used to spend a lot of time with him.

We always had plenty of eggs, they were always in surplus and this was a great way to use them up. Scotch eggs are very satiating. Full of muscle nourishing protein for muscle repair, which my father needed lots of. He could use a crow bar on rocky ground day in and out and then carry fence posts on his shoulder in areas that were in accessible by vehicle. Back in those days there was no quad motorbikes or the likes. And if he could not get the tractor in he walked. Tough job when fencing that way.
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I like my scotch eggs done with smoked eggs. It adds an interesting flavor. And take scotch eggs to the next level. And of course if you don’t have a smoker , just regular plain hard boiled eggs will do just fine.
Here is an easy instructional video for smoked eggs

I use the Edmonds cookbook recipe as my base and then add my own twist on it.


Scotch eggs edmonds cookbook

In the raw

Scotch eggs edmonds cookbook

rolling the eggs

Scotch eggs edmonds cookbook

coating in your choice of breadcrumbs

Scotch eggs edmonds cookbook

the cooking

Scotch eggs edmonds cookbook

the eating


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