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A snapshot of my friends in the garden

A snapshot of my friends in the garden Bees, beetles,birds, bugs, and insects. Our friends in the garden. The things that help our food grow. 6 years ago when we built, we had nothing but red dirt, no plants, no trees, no grass, no anything. Our place was desolate land. So the first thing we did was set too and plant trees, as many as we could and 6 years later we are still planting trees. Why? Because they bring

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A spring morning

Close up photography, is one of my favorite ways to photograph things. For the past 21 days I have been very sick with flu, my energy levels are shot to pieces, and I have not been doing much cooking, (lots of juicing though), so no food to photograph. It  was such a nice morning that I thought I would go outside and lay in the grass to soak up some sun and pick my energy up a bit. So here

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