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Chocolate Chip Cookies

This will be my last blog for a couple of months. We are taking some long overdue leave. Going to get lost somewhere between the east and west coast of Australia. It will be good that I am going to be away from my kitchen for awhile and for a good part of our break we will also be away from any shops. So the waistline will love me. I baked these biscuits with the intention of keeping some for

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Edmonds Bournvita Biscuits

Edmonds Bournvita Biscuits ~ 1971 Cookbook   Bournvita Biscuits. When I first mentioned them in the Edmonds cookbook Facebook group, the response was, “Wow”, “have not had them for years”, “can you still get Bournvita?” And there was the problem. I did not know if you could get it at all. According to Wikipedia, Bournvita was discontinued in the UK market in 2008. The drink was named by Cadbury, which was derived from Bournville, the model village which is the

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Basic Biscuits

Basic Biscuits. The humble biscuit, the thing you dunk into a cuppa. Now I must admit I stuffed up this week. I had in my head that the 1971 Edmonds cookbook had this recipe in it. But it does not. Why I picked up my 1992 copy, I will never know. A habit I think. I have been picking it up for years. And this version of the Edmonds never ever gets put away. And since I had gone to

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