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Basic Biscuits

Basic Biscuits. The humble biscuit, the thing you dunk into a cuppa. Now I must admit I stuffed up this week. I had in my head that the 1971 Edmonds cookbook had this recipe in it. But it does not. Why I picked up my 1992 copy, I will never know. A habit I think. I have been picking it up for years. And this version of the Edmonds never ever gets put away. And since I had gone to

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Apple Shortcake – 1971 Edmonds Cookbook

Week 4, the next recipe installment of trying to make and photograph a recipe from my 1971 Edmonds cookbook. I am finding it a struggle to keep up with the challenge of doing one every week. But when I do it is worth the wait. Apple Shortcake is an old favorite. When I was a kid, we always used home grown apples. I used apples from my tree for this blog. I found the pastry a little hard to roll

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Afghans Edmonds Cook Book

The book I learned to cook from. 1971 Edmonds Cookery Book (New Zealand)  Challenge. The aim is to cook a recipe every week from the cakes and biscuits section of the book. Time permitting of course. Please see my introductory video. Why do a challenge like this? Nostalgia, good basic skills are taught. Great food that needs to be shared. Just plain old fun. This is the book that I learned to cook from was a 1971 cook book, and

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