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Creamy Yoghurt

Yoghurt is easy to make. You need milk, milk powder and a culture. My culture is four months old, and it came from a tub of yoghurt that I got from the cheese factory at Bodalla, NSW. You need a plain unsweetened culture. Many many years ago I purchased an Easiyo Yoghurt Maker, and I used it for awhile. But I never liked the yoghurt. I now believe it was the milk that I was using. I use a local

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Butter Shock

Butter Shock Today I was making butter like I always do before I make bread. When I first started making butter, I always used a commonly available cream. It was and is what is available from most major food retailers. And it was also the easiest for the Mycook Premium and Thermomix to processes. See my recipe. And yes I own a Thermomix, I traded up to a Mycook Premium. Anyway a few months ago I switched from using dairy

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