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Vegetable Stock Concentrate

Vegetable Stock Concentrate   Why do I make vegetable stock? This was a question that I asked myself and my husband, and it got me to thinking. Here are the main reasons why. I like cooking. I like to use the sad and tired vegetables and left overs cuttings. Do not like all the artificial and unnecessary preservatives that are of often added to a store-bought one. So lets look at those 3 points in detail. Point number 1. I

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Rustic Cabbage Soup

Rustic Cabbage Soup Soup, it is one of those foods that is always served in winter, it warms the core on a cold day, nothing beats it. There are so many ways to have soup. When I grew up there was only way to have soup, veggie soup that my mother would always have simmering on the wood stove, full of whole grains and wonderful texture then my mum would go and ruin it all. She would then put it

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