The Many Talents of the Mycook Premium


The Many Talents of the Mycook Premium

A small collection of photos showing some of the talents of the Mycook premium.

I use this machine every day, sometimes for the same thing over and over, such as making soy milk and dairy-free ice cream; that is a food I often eat.

I use it regularly to heat the milk for yoghurt.

Mycook premium

Home made yogurt. Yum, The first batch was a bit thin. But great for filling up these Silicone Push Pop Icy Pole

I find the steaming trays are very efficient. The food cooks better in them than other brands. The steamed chicken was the best; my husband polished it a little too fast. We  are not a big meat eaters anymore; we certainly do not like meat that has been fried anymore. We find it too dry and hard on the body.


The Many Talents of the Mycook Premium

The Mycook busy steaming away. Had a whole chicken in the top. See how the tray locks onto the jug

Mycook premium

Steamed veggies

Mycook premium

These are steamed rice balls. Chicken mince covered in rice. Rather groovy how they came out, and very moist

Mycook premium

Steamed sweet potato. Lots of stainless steel

Mycook premium

Steamed chicken, browned the chicken first in a pan, then in to the steamer tray. Big tray.

Mycook Premium

Pumpkin soup, nasturium dressing and seeded bread rolls, all made in the Mycook

It makes soups with total ease.
One of my most favorite safety features of the machine; is when you have cooked your soup and then blended it. The lid of the jug is locked, you do not need to unlock the lid to take the jug out of the machine. You can carry the hot jug of liquid to the table safely.


As you can see in one of the photos, is my old Thermomix, I upgraded to the Mycook Premium after seeing how the jug and how the lid  locked into place before being placed in the machine. And that the steamer tray locked onto the jug. Also because of this feature more steam gets to your food, food cooks better.
I have used that Thermomix for 9 years. So I have had quite a bit of experience cooking with thermal mixers.


The Many Talents of the Mycook Premium

My Kitchen, as always too much stuff on my bench. The Thermomix is now in a cupboard. One thing this photo shows, is that my husband spoils me.


The other big thing  is that all plastic that does come into contact with food is BPA free, and the steamer baskets are stainless steel.
I like shiny things.

The induction cooking is far superior to an element. It heats up quicker, holds it temperature better.

I make a wicked hot chocolate in it. Just get fat thinking about it.

Mycook premium

nom nom, wicked hot chocolate


Making jams and preserves are a cinch. The way we did it when growing up was big pots  boiling sugar and fruit and lots of stirring over a wood stove in the summer. That was hot and tiring. We also do not eat a lot of jams these days, so a small amount of fruit is ideal. I sterilize my jars in the microwave, the heat that is in the kitchen is way less. And I do not need to light my wood stove to make jam. Happy camper here.

Mycook premium

Lemon butter

Mycook premium

Strawberry jam, from my home grown strawberries

You can make face cream, body lotions, body scrubs; I have made shaving cream in it for my husband. The list is endless.

Cook hard boiled eggs in the steaming basket in the jug, make omelets in the top steaming tray.


  • Judie

    Hi I love my mycook too the only thing I have difficulty with is burning you have any conversion tips?